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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Update--September 20, 2015

It was great to see some of you at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church today.  We have all successfully made it through a full week of school and are adjusting well to routine and structure again.  The students are re-acquainting themselves with each other and learning about me and my classroom expectations.  I am learning an immense amount from all of them and am enjoying all of their enthusiasm to learn.

ELA--We have been completing various reading, comprehension, listening to directions, and talking about the initial steps of Daily 5. 

Math--We have been reviewing addition and subtraction strategies as well as both Grades have begun their first unit on Patterning.

French--We are working on greetings and a question and answer series starting with asking each other's names and replying.

Social Studies--We have talked about communities, rules, and responsibilities.

Religion/Chapel--We have started a new chapel theme for this year.  It is called "Journey With Jesus".  We started the year talking about what they might pack in their backpacks if they were going on a long hike.  Each month Pastor will talk about the object they find in the backpack and how these objects are like taking Jesus along on their "Life Journey".  The first object was a compass that points to the "True North" and leads you in the right direction.  The children were very excited to share their own thoughts and ideas.  Pastor and Mr. B even wrote a theme song for the school to use this year.  We also read several bible stories about God leading his people.

I sent out the Scholastic Book orders on Friday.  There is a new payment option with Scholastic.  Follow the link to find out more about Parent Pay:  http://www.scholastic.ca/clubs/images/parentpay/ParentPayIntro_PL.pdf

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