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Monday, October 10, 2016

Update October 10, 2016

Spelling Groups have been established.  We will start Word Sorts this week on Tuesday with a Spelling Test on Friday. 

Home Reading Booklets will go home Tuesday.  Please fill out the log each day and have the students return their Home Reading each Monday for me to check.  They will bring it back home on Monday for the following week.

Zippered Pouches--Please make sure to check the zippered pouch, read and sign the Agenda EACH DAY.  It allows the students to practice using their agendas.  All homework, notes, etc. will be in the zippered pouch.

Gr. 2 Math--Completing Patterns
Gr. 3 Math--Completing Increasing and Decreasing Patterns
Science--Plants & Soils

Happy Thanksgiving!!!--Thankful Wreaths

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