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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Update January 22, 2017

PAX--The students worked very hard this week at creating their Anchor Charts for PAX.  We discussed at length what PAX should Look Like, Sound Like, Feel Like, and what we should Do.  I hope that they have shared some of their conversations about PAX with you and that you support us to reach a Peaceful, Productive, Healthy, Happy, and Safe lifestyle for your child.

ART with Mrs. Petkau--Last week we started to talk about the next element of art, which is SHAPE (after line and colour).  We learned that there are two kinds of shapes - geometric (circles, squares,..) and organic (natural). We made a collaborative mural, where everyone worked together to create one big piece of art.  We started out drawing different kinds of shapes for 3 minutes and then changed places and drew for another 3 minutes.  Next we drew connecting lines and then filled some shapes and spaces with patterns and continued to switch spots every 3 minutes.  Finally we started painting our mural.  We will finish it in a few weeks.  Please stay tuned to see the final product!!!

Spelling--Word Sorts are completed at school on Monday with Spelling Tests on Friday.

Home Reading Logs--We have started back completing our Home Reading Log for 2017.  Please fill out the log each day and have the students return their Home Reading each Monday for me to check.  They will bring it back home on Monday for the following week.

Zippered Pouches--Please make sure to check the zippered pouch, read and sign the Agenda EACH DAY.  It allows the students to practice using their agendas.  All homework, notes, etc. will be in the zippered pouch.

Collaborative Art Project


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